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Hydraulic Set Retrievable Bridge Plug

18.jpgHydraulic set retrievable bridge plug and setting tool are integrated designed and easy to operate on the site. It use hydraulic-set,step lock, two-way anchor, for the bottom block, layer fracturing, layer acid treatment and other measures .They are usually applied for casing well to bottom layer plugging and selected layer fracturing.

When releasing,it must use the special extraction tool.


1.Integrated design, it is easy to operate.

2.Anti-midway set design.

3.Tool is compact; it easily gets through the dogleg segments.

4. The distance is short from fish top to the peak of element,easy to salvage.

5.For highly deviated wells, big dogleg wells.

6.Regular working temperature : 150℃. 

7. Regular working pressure: up differential pressure 50MPa, under differential pressure 35MPa.

Technical specifications

SizeTypeMax OD in(mm)Min ID in(mm)Working tempreature(℃)Working pressure(Mpa)
5.5ZXY445-1144.500 (114.3)2.244 (57.0)120/15035/50/70
7.0ZXY445-1485.827 (148.0)2.440 (62.0)120/15035/50/70

* Other sizes and connections available on request