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Torque Anchor


Torque anchor is used to take the reactive torque given by the friction created between the rotor and stator of the pump with progressive cavities, to prevent the tubing from unscrewing. 

It is mounted under or just above the pump. It uses the principle of a mandrel with two slips (one floating, one stationary) clamming in opposite directions anchoring the tubing string to the inner casing wall. 


1. Reliable operation and release;

2. Hardened slips for minimizing the wear during installation;

3. Rotate tubing to the right until tool sets and hold torque in tubing.

4. Rotate the tubing to the left to release torque

5. Mandrel type operating system for slips;

Technical Parameter

CodeCase setup dia.[mm]Connection[inch]
5-1/2119…1392 – 7/8 EU
7152…1722 – 7/8 EU or 3 – 1/2 EU
9-5/8 I215…2353 – 1/2 EU
9-5/8 II220…2403 – 1/2 EU

* Other sizes and connections available on request