Shandong RealTech Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as “RealTech”) was established based on Zibo Petroleum Machinery General Plant, which was a national factory for petroleum equipments with more than 50 years history. The main products of RealTech are oil well artificial lift equipments, and RealTech also supplies oilfield service equipments, tools, chemicals, etc.

RealTech is short for real technology, as RealTech is aiming for developing cutting edge technologies for oil & gas. RealTech’s patent product is belt driven long stroke pumping unit, which has already been patented as VertiLift long stroke pumping unit in China. And there are only two factories who can manufacture this kind of unit in the whole world. RealTech has capacity and experience to provide the whole artificial lift solutions to the oil wells worldwide, including surface SRP unit, subsurface pump unit, sucker rod and downhole tools, wellhead equipment, etc.