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Drill Pipe

Drill pipe is heavy seamless tube that rotates the drill bit and circulates drilling fluid. Pipe segments 30 ft (9m) long are coupled with tool joints. Drill pipe is simultaneously subjected to high torque by drilling, axial tension by its dead weight and internal pressure by purging of drilling fluid. Additionally, alternating bending loads due to non-vertical or deflected drilling may be superimposed on these basic loading patterns.

Size ODNominal
Calculate WeightGradeThicknessThickened form (see Note)
2 3/860.36.656.269.32E, X, G, S0.2807.11EU
2 7/873.010.49.7214.48E, X, G, S0.3629.19EU, IU
3 1/288.99.508.8113.12E0.2546.45EU, IU
3 1/288.913.3012.3118.34E, X, G, S0.3689.35EU, IU
3 1/288.915.5014.6321.79E0.44911.40EU, IU
3 1/288.915.5014.6321.79X, G, S0.44911.40EU, IEU
4101.614.0012.9319.26E, X, G, S0.3308.38EU, IU
4 1/2114.313.7512.2418.23E0.2716.88EU, IU
4 1/2114.316.6014.9822.31E, X, G, S0.3378.56EU, IEU
4 1/2114.320.0018.6927.84E, X, G, S0.43010.92EU, IEU
5127.016.2514.8722.15X, G, S0.2967.52IU
5127.019.5017.9326.71X, G, S0.3629.19EU, IEU
5127.025.6024.0335.79X, G, S0.50012.70EU, IEU
5 1/2139.721.9019.8129.51E, X, G, S0.3619.17IEU
5 1/2139.724.7022.5433.57E, X, G, S0.41510.54IEU