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Flush-by Unit

A flush-by unit is a compact, continuous-rod and conventional sucker-rod service solution that merges the features of a pressure truck and small rod rig to diagnose and troubleshoot wells. Designed for rapid deployment and safe operation, the Flushby unit consists of a fluid tank, triplex pump, freestanding mast assembly, and full set of tools and safety equipment. With a standard or heavy-duty injector, the unit trips and services continuous-rod strings efficiently without the use of additional equipment. The unit can service shallow- to high-depth oil, gas, and coalbed methane (coal-seam gas) wells in vertical wellhead configurations.

The flush-by unit is smaller and faster than a conventional workover rig, yet equally capable of performing all types of well servicing, especially diagnostics. When a well goes offline, the unit quickly troubleshoots and identifies problems, such as tubing holes, failed or stuck pumps, and parted rods, and then immediately executes the required repair work. The flushby unit can be rigged-up in less than 30 minutes by an operating crew of three to four people, whereas rigging up a standard workover rig requires approximately 4 hours. Daytime and nighttime operations are supported.



• New well completions

• Pull, pickup, and run conventional sucker rod

• Install sinker bars

• Space out rod strings

• Stroke testing

• Quick down hole pump changes of PCP and or reciprocating pumps

• Perform sucker rod fishing jobs

• Reactive flushing of tubing or casing

• Proactive production flushes

• Corrosion inhibitor displacement and chemical stimulations

• Pressure testing

• Stuffing box and polish rod changes

• Other surface equipment maintenance

• Investigative/diagnostic tool

• Run various tools in or out of tubing such as punches, plugs, and various down hole tools

• Killing Wells


Nominal Hook Load/KN200400600
Max. Hook Load/KN360560700
Chassis TypeND13101D47JSX5436THBDU466WS5463A
Rated Engine Power/HP350375385
Servicing Depth/M160030004000
Approach/Departure Angle18°/13°18°/13°18°/13°

Oil field special equipment integrated with sand flushing, well washing and workover functions. It mainly consist of special chassis, transfer case, triplex plunger pump, right angle gear box, drawworks, mast, traveling block, hydraulic system, air system, electric system, fluid tank, discharging manifold, etc.